Huch, na wer hat sich denn da ganz heimlich in mein Puppenatelier geschlichen…?!

Rosie Puppe

Tatsächlich ist diese kecke Pfiffikus Puppenmädchen namens “Rosie” bereits im Sommer entstanden…

Rosie Puppe

Aber sie hat  zu gerne Schabernack im Puppenatelier getrieben sich hier zu wohl gefühlt, so dass sie es einfach nicht eilig damit hatte, in die weite Welt hinaus zu ziehen.Rosie Puppe

Dafür durfte Rosie mich auf meinem Kurztrip nach Berlin begleiten (mehr dazu in einem späteren Blogpost).
Und als ich wieder daheim schon dachte, sie bleibt nun für immer bei mir… hatte sie damit wohl doch das Reisefieber gepackt, denn sie meinte eines Morgens zu mir, es wäre nun doch an der Zeit eine Puppenmama für sie zu finden, mit der sie gemeinsam die Welt entdecken würde können.

Rosie Puppe

Und tatsächlich, kaum war sie in den Shop eingezogen… wurde sie auch schon vom Fleck weg adoptiert! :) (Danke nochmal, dafür!)

Rosie Puppe

Rosie ist ein 35 cm großes Pfiffikus Puppenmädchen mit aprikosenfarbener Haut, Stupsnäschen und hellblondem schulterlangem Haar.
Ihr Gesicht ist fein aufgestickt und sie hat einen rosafarbenen Mund und braune Augen.Rosie Puppe

Rosie trägt eine pink-grün geringelte Unterhose und weiße Häckelschüchen.

Dazu hat sie sich den Latz-Romper, in Rosa (was auch sonst) mit großer Bauchtasche, ausgesucht.

Rosie Puppe

Natürlich verkleidet Rosie sich wie viele kleine Mädchen es eben tun ebenfalls gerne – daher hat sie nichts dagegen, wenn die Puppenmama auch viele schöne Kleider zum anziehen da hat (Meinen Pfiffikus Puppen passen in der Regel die meisten im Handel erhältlichen Puppenkleider für Puppen der gleichen Größe gut).

Hier im Atelier hat sie daher auch schon mal das Filzbommel-Haarband und dazu die passende pinke Brille “Probe getragen”… ;>

Rosie Puppe

Rosie ist frech und lieb zugleich – eben ein richtiges Lausemädchen aber mit eine Herz aus Gold.

Nun ist sie bereits abgereist und mittlerweile auch in ihrem neuen zu Hause angekommen.
Dort stellt sie alles auf den Kopf bereitet sie ihrer Puppenmama sicher viel Freude…


Rosie Puppe
Rosie Puppe  Rosie Puppe


Not too long ago, I have introduced little Mintling “Laini” on the blog.
And since the universe likes to balance things out, it came to no surprise, that another similar Mintling should follow along soon…

So it came about that shortly afterwards another custom order for a similar Mintling came to me.
She should have Lainis hair (only lighter blonde) and in addition the body should have no hands, just like Cindas (but in the color blue)… And if you know me a little by now, you know, that I can not resist a challenge (dollwise that is) and also I love to fulfill wishes whenever I can, so nearly no wish is undoable – So I gladly hopped into my little doll studio to create the desired Mintling…


Mintling “Sinikka”

This was the story behind the making of Mintling “Sinikka” (which is Finish for “blue girl / little blue forest fairy”) … or short “Sini” (for “Blue”):

Minzling Puppe Sinikka

Sini is an 18 cm / 7 inch small Mintling from the RoseMint Dollstudio, based on the Spring’17 series.

Minzling Puppe Sinikka


Minzling Puppe Sinikka


Minzling Puppe Sinikka

Sini wears a reversible apron dress according to my own design for my Mintlings. It can be closed with  Snaps on the shoulders, matching the respective fabric side.
One side is a dark blue-gray cotton fabric with a design by Daniela Drescher.

Minzling Puppe Sinikka
The mint cotton fabric on the other side with small golden triangles sets a color-coordinated accent.

Minzling Puppe Sinikka

For Sinis hair I have imported wonderfully soft curls (they come from sheep from Devon) from the UK.
I then crocheted them into the color matching straw blonde wig of Mohair.

Minzling Puppe Sinikka

PS: Sini is a custom order Mintling and therefore already sold.
But I will introduce her sister (with reddish-blonde curls) that will be ready to adopt on the blog soon…;)

Minzling Puppe Sinikka


Music has a big impact for most of us. Some (life-)phases are more influenced by specific music than others.
To me also the lyrics arejust as important as the sound itself – in combination with the right music lyris can touch your heart, cheer you up, stimulate or even disturb, motivate and inspire, or simply invite you to dream a little…

Musik Puppe

The following sounds and lyrics are a small excerpt of music that accompanied my dollmaking through this years summer heat …:


Billie Eilish – Bellyache:

“My V is for Vendetta
Thought that I’d feel better
But now I got a bellyache”


Rachel Platten – Fight Song:

“I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion”


Topic & Ally Brooke- Perfect:

“There’s always gonna be somebody smarter
Someone prettier who works a little harder
Someone that who ain’t afraid to take it farther
And everytime I feel like I ain’t really worth it
Then you say I’m perfect”


Brandyn Burnette – Run:

“I was raised by my computer
And that television
Now they say I have no future”


Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B:

” ‘Cause girls like you
Run around with guys like me
‘Til sundown, when I come through
I need a girl like you, yeah yeah”


Charlie Puth – The Way I Am:

“Everybodys tryn to be famous, I’m just tryna find some place to hide…”


Kodaline – Follow Your Fire:

“We had the songs that we sang along to

You had the moves to make me dance with you
I always saw you reaching and catching stars”

“Did you follow your, follow your fire?”


If it’s something that I’m feeling really bad about at the moment, then it’s not finding the time sharing all the dolls I made in the last months here on the blog. Shame on me …

I promise to be better, because there are so many new dolls (and repaired dolls), which do finally desererve their own sport on the blog.

The beginning and a sign of my good will and intentions therefore today will be “Laini”:

Puppen Minzling Laini

Mintling doll “Laini”

This little mintling girl was a special custom request.
Therefore, she has also got this very special hair from cuddly soft teaswater locks.
(I have already explained in this blog post how I incorporate such hair into the dolls wig.)

Puppen Minzling Laini

Laini is, like all my Mintlings, only 15 cm small.

Puppen Minzling Laini

She has a soft body made of lime green fabric filled with sheep’s wool. Her face and hands are covered with skin-colored tricot fabric.

Puppen Minzling Laini

The brown eyes and the pink mouth were carefully embroidered by me.
In addition, Laini wears a forestgreen hand-knitted wool scarf, which of course can also be removed.

Puppen Minzling Laini

The mintlings hands are designed to be slightly larger, so the child has something to hold on while exploring and going on adventures with this new little friend…

Puppen Minzling Laini

Due to their size, mintlings are very light and handy to fit in every pocket. They are ideal companions to  take along.

Mintling Dress

Puppen Minzling Laini

Laini is the first Minzling to whom I also tailored clothes. Although they are always dress due to the velours body but having a dress in addtion is still always a nice extra.

Puppen Minzling Laini

So I have drafted and then sewn a special dress in mintling size, closing at the shoulders with two snaps.

Puppen Minzling Laini

Since it is a reversible dress, you get two dresses in one and Laini can wear showing any side of it.

Puppen Minzling Laini

It is a classic apron dress, so it goes up on the back crossing sides.

Puppen Minzling Laini
By the way, there will soon be new mintlings listed as well as their clothes to go along with. The dresses will be up for order separately depending on your color preference.

Puppen Minzling Laini

Btw Laini has arrived well in her new home by now.

She is just one of many dolls who have recently left the RoseaMint dollstudio to embark upon new adventures anywhere in the world.

Puppen Minzling Laini

If I manage to stick to my good intentions, I’ll soon introduce the next doll here…


[deutsche Version hier]

It already has been over a week now since I set my sails for the adventure of attending a weekend of doll making galore at the

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018


European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018This international Waldorf Doll Seminar is held every two years and this year’s was the second of its kind.

The idea sprung from the days of the guild system, when the members of the dollmakers’ guild in the Netherlands and Belgium came together twice a year to attend workshops and to learn new techniques from each other. Also connected to the event at that time there was a large textile market, where everything concerning dollmaking was offered. Since this dutch guild does not exist anymore, the idea arose to install a similar event nowadays and to include dollmakers from different countries.

Thus, the European Waldorf Doll Seminar was launched and from now on would be held every two years. Each event has its own main theme and this year’s was “Refining your doll making skills”.
In order to meet the great demand and to give everyone interested an opportunity to participate in the workshops, the seminar this year should take place on two consecutive weekends in May and June.

Two years ago I sadly was not able to travel being very pregnant, so I quickly knew that I surely did not want to miss this year’s opportunity to attend… And I was lucky enough to secure a seat attending two of the many highly requested workshops offered on the first weekend.


The Event

Kamrin and Berend te Kronnie from Kamrin’s Poppenatelier have launched the International Waldorf Doll Seminar – thank you very much for all your work and efforts bringing dollmakers and dollenthusiasts from all over the world together. You have been truly wonderful hosts!

Like last time this year’s Waldorf Doll Seminar was also held at the Hotel & Congrescentrum Mennorode in Elspeet. The idyllically located conference hotel was the perfect location for such a big event with over 100 dollmakers from all over the world attending.

Many participants, especially those traveling there from farther away, already arrived in Elspeet on Thursday, because the workshops started right after the welcoming speech on Friday morning.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

On the first seminar days morning slowly all the participants and tutors made it to the big conference hall. What a special moment – many of whome finally meeting for the first time, maybe after having known each other online for quite some time and right away hugging and giggling together like old friends. Others finally meeting each other again after as long as two years. All connected through the wonderful bond being the love for dolls and dollmaking…

After the welcoming speech, the participants gathered around their respective tutors for their first workshop and from there went to their dollmaking classes together.
In the hotel side building “Grote Zaal” most of the workshops took place. Some however, were held in separate seminar rooms and also in the main building.

Busy bustle and diligent work of the various groups at the respective workshop tables.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

Some dollmakers and doll lovers also arrived accompanied by their latest or favorite dolls. These then were passed around and of course curiously and expertly appraised by the others: lifting little doll dresses, inspecting seams, checking the firmness of the limbs, just to finally … lovingly patting the little head and hugging the dolly – probably like only a dollmaker will do. ;)

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
After a long days workshop with a lot of input, every night after dinner the dollmakers from all over the world gathered in the hotels garden taking a seat at the lounging area made out of bales of straw.
Meeting old friends, making new ones and getting to know each other better. And there was a lot of expert talk – in different languages and sometimes using hands and feet to articulate (“Do you speak doll ?!”). On this mild may spring evenings many lingered, felting or crocheting (some tutors delegated “homework” for their students) under a starry sky until late into the night, while chatting about dolls and life, drinking and laughing together …

In addition to the workshops, there were also some other interesting activities planned:
For example, Sabine of “Bienchen & Blümchen” organized a grab bag for all participants to take part in. Meaning one could bring a small gift (related to doll making) so this gifts acquired could be exchanged by chance among the participants later on. And there were indeed little treasures gifted; like pretty crocheted pincushions, tiny dolls shoes made from fine leather or antique fabrics and vintage lace. All things pretty and nice to delight a dollmaker’s heart.
Also on Friday evening, a wonderful doll play by Ineke Gray(Petit Amsterdam) titled “Flower Market” took place in the Great Hall.
And finally, on Saturday evening, Maike Cölle of feinslieb gave a lecture on the important subject of toy safety and CE. Thus completing the already versatile seminars programme perfectly…

…So true.


The Workshops

Many of the most talented and sought after dollmakers had agreed to lead workshops and share their knowledge at the seminar.

The workshops held were correspondingly themed – ranging from classes on making a classic Waldorf doll or artful hair embroidery to currently popular techniques such as weft making and face sculpting. So regardless the level of dollmaking skills and knowledge there was a suitable workshop for everyone.

This years teachers and workshops were:

Maria Asenova von MaRiAs Nature Toys:
Long doll making workshop
&  Crocheting a doll wig

Maureen Broeder von Poppenliefde:
Create a complete 10” doll with Poppenliefde

Daria Gosset von Petit Gosset:
A 2-Day Advanced Head-Sculpting Workshop
& An Advanced Workshop on Doll Shoe-Making

Ineke Gray von Petit Amsterdam:
Creating a 30 cm doll

Meglena Jézéquel von North Coast Dolls:
Two-day advanced doll making workshop to create a 12” doll

Agnieszka Nowak von Lalinda:
Creating a mini baby doll
& Artistic eyes embroidery
& Doll hair embroidery

Fabiola Perez-Sitko von Fig & Me:
Long dollmaking workshop. Create a doll with Fig and Me
& Advanced Workshop on Stuffing
& Advanced Workshop on Needle-felting a doll’s head

Olga Piasetska von Genuine Dolls:
Small traditional doll in a pocket size (20 cm)
& Traditional doll size 38-40 cm

Elena Pogoraeva von Atelier Lavendel:
Creating a Waldorf Inspired Doll, Classic Style, approx. 40 cm
& Creating a Teddy Bear, Miniature Classic Style

Dorota Strzebonska von Mum & Dot:
Face sculpting
& Processing suri alpaca fiber & Sewing wefts
& Dressmaking with Liberty of London fabrics

The tutors did a tremendous great job as well. If asking the students attending the various workshops,  they solely spoke words of praise about their teachers. With smiling eyes beaming and contagious passion and enthusiasm, they were describing the qualities of their tutor and workshop in detail.
The work and dolls created at the end of the workshops were also proof of this high level and quality.


My “North Coast Dolls” Workshop attendance

The first workshop I attended this weekend was the “Advanced Dollmaking Workshop” by North Coast Dolls. Meaning the incredibly talented and kind Meglena Jézéquel would be my tutor for two days.
I could hardly wait to learn from one of my idols, hopefully ending up creating a similarly beautiful doll just like hers are.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
Meglenas’ North Coast Doll “Colombe” patiently modeled throughout the workshop.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
Dollmaking magic happened at this tables.

Not only her dolls show Meglena’s love and passion for what she does -it is noticeable in every detail.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
A particularly nice surprise were the envelopes containing cute little doll dresses, which every NCD workshop participant received one of as a gift. So none of the dolls had to go home naked afterwards! ;)

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
There were also adorable woolen socks and dresses (hand-knitted by Meglenas mom) for the dolls.

Each student also got a detailed written instruction with all patterns, in order to be able to deepen the knowledge gathered.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
This wire armature, forming the doll’s neck like a “backbone” also makes the dolls head poseable.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
To me it’s still almost like working magic when slowly a doll personality starts emerging from simply wool with only the help of a felting needle and patience…

Meglena has been an excellent teacher – just the right combination of indulgent patience and demanding trust in ones skills. ;)
She patiently explained and guided us through the whole process of her way of dollmaking. Sometimes explaining the same step for the fifth time in a row if necessary with still seemingly infinite patience. Meglena provided assistance where necessary only to shortly after giving room for us to learn through our own actions. She was always well prepared for every upcoming eventuality (with a seemingly inexhaustible replacement of material when needed). Always standing by our side, still teaching even far beyond the official class hours.
The entire workshop was very well structured, her instructions precise and her doll making knowledge extensive. Allowing us to trust in our hands work through her guidance, growing and refining our own dollmaking skills.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
An important step: embroidery of the eyes.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
During the workshop Meglena also showed and explained popular techniques, such as weft making or the rolling wool method for achieving rockhard doll limbs, along with other valuable tips that were passed on to us.

However, it quickly became obvious that it would be a difficult task finishing the dolls completely in time. So on the last day of the workshop we decided to extend the course hours ending from 5 to after 9 pm. And our amazing tutor Meglena also took her time to guide us on beyond the official time.

Thank you Meglena, for your inexhaustible patience with us and for sharing so much of your dollmaking knowledge! I am trouly blessed and thankful for meeting you and that you took the time teaching us.

So finally each of us students could actually take their finished doll home, being the result of two days of extensive doll making – mostly consisting of sewing, embroidery, stuffing, sweating (we had the “best weather” possible that weekend with up to 86°F), between murmured swear words followed by relieved laughter, chattering, giggling and talking all things doll,…
In the end, we all were more than satisfied with the outcome:

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
Meglenas redhead “Colombe” sitting among three dolls made by her students.


So here ist the 12” doll I made with Meglenas guidance during the “North Coast Dolls” workshop:

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

She has a sculpted face, brown hair of goat weft and very firmly stuffed limbs using the rolling wool technique.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

Psst,… She told me her name is “Emilia“.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018


Textile Market

In addition to all the workshops, the textile market took place on Saturday offering all things dollmaking. The seminar participants also had the opportunity to sell their own hand-made goods and dolls there.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
There were gorgeous christening robes, antique lace, ribbons, braids, threads, wool, buttons …

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018
… and so much more causing a sewists heart beat faster.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

There also was a large selection of fabrics from Liberty of London at the “Provence” booth.

Of course Kamrin’s Poppenatelier had a booth, where you could get all the essentials for dollmaking.
And Fig&me Fabiola’s husband had a small booth where you could buy the Magic Wool Wands.

I am sure many participants afterwards wondered about their suitcase suddenly being a whole lot heavier than on the arrival… ;)


“Mum & Dot” Workshop

My second workshop of this seminar weekend was “Dressmaking with Liberty of London Fabric” by Dorota Strzebonska of Mum & Dot, which took place on Sunday morning.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

From nine to twelve o’clock we were tracing patterns, sewing, ruffeling and ironing.
Although there was a bit of delay at the beginning until everyone got their machines set up, but soon each of us eight students (btw none of whom had accidentally picked the same fabric twice for their dress on the textile market!) had started sewing a cute little dress under Dorota’s excellent guidance.
It also was nice to hear Dorota chat about her journey into dollmaking and to be able to ask various doll-related questions.

Unfortunately, the workshops time was not quite long enough, so at the end Dorota instructed us without further ado but quite wonderfully detailed, so that everyone would be able finish their dress later at home.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

On top of that I was able to take some very valuable sewing tips along with me from this workshop.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

The finished dress – thanks to Dorota’s instructions, this was no problem.

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

The dress by the way has the perfect size for Emilia. So she did not miss out on the opportunity to model it here … ;)



Last but not least greetings and thanks finally go out to all the wonderful women from all over the world, who together have shared and celebrated their love and passion for doll making this weekend!

Thanks to this event I have finally been able to meet so many fine colleagues, which up to this point I only have known online. Including the women behind handmade(-doll) labels such as Feinslieb, Loulabee, Puppenmacherei, Frau Göllner, Bienchen & Blümchen, Ollebolenmuis, Waldorf Doll Shop, brudusmidjan, More than Somewhat,, stoffolidolls, … to only name a few. :)


It was a very enriching and somehow magical event and I’m truly grateful to have been able to attend and becoming a small part of it, too – and for sure this certainly has not been my last time.

So here’s to until we hopefully meet (again) in two years time at the next
European Waldorf Doll Seminar” …

European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018


Also: Go check out even more photos and a great blogpost about the “European Waldorf Seminar” by Maike Cölle on her Feinslieb Blog here!


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