Now it’s over already, the #marchmeetthemaker Challenge on Instagram.
And yes, I have posted one photo a day all of march replying to the challenges prompts.
It was fun and though some were quite challenging, I did enjoy myself answering the questions.
Also it introduced me to some cool new things like the Hyperlapse App or Boomerang which I will make use of more often from now on.


If you missed out on my daily posts and like to catch up, here they are all compiled in one blog post…:
Day 1: You

Hello Kukalka
So here is a pic of yours truly, Nat (holding my doll Sima). :>


Day 2: Favourite to make

“So #marchmeetthemaker asks for “favourite to make” today so obviously it has to be dolls for me.
I can’t even say I love doing the big ones or the flashy or small simple ones…
I really do love making all of them equally. It’s the variety and endless possibilities they bring…”


Day 3:Worspace


“Welcome to my workspace on Day3 of #marchmeetthemaker: fortunately I have my own little studio under the roof with enough space for the dolls and my stuff & though I do work from home, if the doors closed I am at work truly…
I am pretty organized too: on the left table space is my sewing corner, in the middle -under the window I create and handsew the dolls, while on the right table half I draw ideas and do paperwork.”


Day 4: Tools

tools dollmaker

“Day 4 of #marchmeetthemaker prompts for “tools”.
Dollmakers tools: So honestly this is only a small amount of constantly needed and ever changing tools.
Some are quite obvious like airerasable pen, needles, thread, cutter, scissors, iron, and different wool stuffing sticks, etc, – some are custom made like the wooden rod for making doll hair lengths -and some obviously not on this pic like my sewing machine, overlock, hemostads, etc.
Please feel free to ask if you’d like to know more about one or the other tool though..”


Day 5: Boomerang

Day 5 #marchmeetthemaker is Boomerang: stuffing doll limbs can be an exhaustive activity…


Day 6: Raw Materials

Day 6 of #marchmeetthemaker: raw materials.
I stuff my dolls with german sheep’s wool and use organic (gots) doll skin fabric.
I to this day never fail to be amazed myself about how from such simple materials a doll with sometimes such a big personality can come to live…????


Day 7: How it’s made

Nat Kukalka Dolls

Day 7 of #marchmeetthemaker – “how it’s made”: although there are many seams on the dolls body that can be sewn with the machine, there are still plenty stitches that have to be done by hand. It is truly a “handmade” toy- Starting from rolling the wool for the head, stuffing the limbs, attaching the head to the body by handstitching (to even being able to repair the doll by hand if needed)… So many steps involved in the making of a doll done by two hands loving their busy tasks..

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