Of progress: WIPs #2 – needle felted doll head

Tuesday July 28th, 2015

Don’t you just love “work in progress” doll photos?
I sure do!…
needle felted doll face

My WIP: a needle felt doll

I remember my art class back in high school. During the summer months, just before summer break, whenever the weather was nice, we used to take our current art projects outside to a little corner of the school yard and work on them under the sun and blue skies.
I have always loved the connection to nature and art at the same time.
Anyway, I still remember when we once came into class only to find a fist big block of white stone on our table each. It was a chunk of soapstone and we would “learn” how to sculpt it by starting with just looking at the stone and trying to “see what lies beneath” the cold brick.
We then would take it outside and carve the stone until eventually “something” or maybe even a tiny piece of art would emerge.

Nowadays whenever I work on needle felting a doll face from wool I am reminded of this art class. The process of bringing a little doll personality “to life” out of a ball of wool, a needle and a vision only, is a very similar experience.
So I worked on a very special doll head as of lately, a new needle felt doll.
Here is my work of the week so far — as always of course still in progress:
Filzkopf needle felted doll face
It all starts off with some wool and some needles…


Filzkopf needle felted doll face
…and slowly becomes something new…


Filzkopf needle felted doll face
…almost there…


Filzkopf needle felt doll face
…adding more wool, little by little…


Filzkopf needle felted doll face
…felting and looking and adding and felting some more…


Filzkopf needle felted doll face
…alas, to my least favorite part of having to cover it all up again…


Filzkopf needle felted doll face
…but always still a work in progress.
Ah. Just like life itself.
What do you think?!

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