On the needles in …october

Every month Marisa of maschenfein blog likes to know what’s currently on your knitting needles:

My knitting month was admittedly rather ingloriously. Firstly, this may be due to the long phase of my illness and on the other hand, I have to still finish so many projects around here that I do not know where to start first…

Auf den Nadeln im Oktober

On the needles in… October

The only thing I actually started to knit last month – with autumn and winter coming in mind – and what I’m probably going to still have to finish knitting in October, is a new dwarf cap for the dwarf son:

Zwergenmütze für Kinder stricken
If you follow my blog for a while now, you might notice that I already have knitted various versions of the cap. The last and fitting one unfortunately had a little “accident” earlier this year in the washing machine.
…So the only ones getting to wear it now are the dolls:

Zwergenmütze Puppe Filz Kopf
Actually this felted version of the cap is not bad either. Only a little too small for the kid sadly…

Fortunately I still had some left over wool from the original cap so I issued a new version of the dwarf cap. I only added a few more stitches in the beginning since the child’s head by now also has grown a little.
Actually the cap is nearly finished by now – I only have to stich both sides together now.

Auf den Nadeln im Oktober

But for the next month, I do promise improvement in terms of knitting on my side.
After all, I have got three review knitting book copies laying here on my desk. So I’m going to knit some of those in october and then introduce the latest ones here soon…

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