European Waldorf Doll Seminar 2018

Next year, the European Waldorf Doll Seminar organized by Kamrin’s Poppenatelier en Speelgoedzaak will once again take place in the Netherlands:

KWaldorf Doll Seminar

Waldorf Doll Seminar

The Waldorf Doll Seminar takes place for the second time and is gathering of many international (Waldorf) dollmakers. Within the framework of the seminar, some talented and well-known colleagues will lead dollmaking workshops (for example on the topic of needle felting faces or making wefts and wigs) and anyone interested in refining ones dollmaking skills can participate in a workshop (of course only after prior registration and if you are lucky enough to get a seat in the workshop of your dreams).

The Waldorf Doll Seminar takes place from 25.05.2018 to 27.05.2018 in Elspeet (NL).
All further registration details are available on Kamrin’s Facebook page.


I will definitely attend too this time. Unfortunately for private and time shedule reasons, I can not prepare my own workshop in 2018, but I will still be there and take two classes myself. I am really looking forward to learn from some of the most famous and talented colleagues … and especially to fangirling them uh…I mean to meet up with many other passionate dollmakers. ;)


If you would like to know how it was last year, you can read a comprehensive report about the event by Maike Cölle from feinslieb dolls -> on her blog here and of course also look at a lot of beautiful photos of the event.

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