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Yes, I know – my blog has been abandoned and neglected by me once again for far too long…
The reason was not the lack of things to write about and no tales to tell from my doll’s studio, because in fact quite the opposite is the case. I (fortunately) have so many projects, custom doll orders and doll repairs on my working table, that writing about all of that unfortunately fell by the wayside.
But I won’t complain, because I love what I do, having my hands full and up to the elbow in stuffing wool. However, being self-employed with two little kids at home it is not always easy to do both justice.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

I try to post at least a little bit more regularly on Instagram. So if you want to find out what I am up to, currently working on and finally what dolls come to life, then you are cordially invited to do so by following me on instagram.


I hereby solemnly swear to try posting on my blog on a regular basis. ;)
This is the first blog post this year and it will be followed by more as my attempt to fill the gap and update the blog to the current state. -.-
And maybe I will thereby find a reasonably regular blogwriting rhythm?

In the doll studio

Now I would like to start catching up by showing some recent photos from my doll’s studio …

Felting doll faces has kept me busy in the last and more so of course also this year.

Filzkopf Puppe

This is also when little woolen soul “Kami” came to live late spring this year:

Kami(More pictures and the full story of Kami will follow soon.)

Also here is a short video as a sneak peak on the creation process:

In addition, I have continued to ponder about my workflows and their optimization. In doing so, I came across one or the other obstacle, which led to new challenges. And when I did not find a suitable solution for my problem, I decided to solve it myself. Lucky enough, I happen to be married to a crafty handyman with an affinity to and a talent for working with wood. So he readily implements all the needed doll necessities I dream up.

And of course many dolls have been created throughout this year, of whom most traveled to their new homes and are now already in the arms of their doll parents.


In addition, I also am working on some still very secret projects, that hopefully soon can be announced here…. It remains exciting.

Also I would like to thank all those who have brought up the patience to accompany and support me to this point on my creative dollmaking journey.


Keep your eyes peeled on exciting soon to come news from the dolls an me…

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