Mini doll “Lotta”

“Lotta! … Lotta ?! Where are you? …Now, where is this cheeky little doll hiding today ?!” I grumbled while I entered my little doll’s workshop in the morning.
Finally, it was time for mini doll Lotta to leave for her new home. I could not tolerate any delays.

Mini Puppe Lotta
Suddenly I saw a little red pigtail flashing by and a yellow something swooshing around the corner … “Hey, I’m looking for you, it does not help you to hide in a flower pot – with holes in it… tsk.” I sighed and let myself plop on the stool near my cutting table.

Mini Puppe Lotta
“Well, alright. Now come here, little Lotta!” I lured her a bit more friendly now
“I have to tell you something wonderful …” Now I had awakened her curiosity, joyfully she hopped out of the flowerpot and on the table in front of me to looking at me questioningly and expectantly.

Mini Puppe Lotta

“Weeeeelll … we finally found a winner and therefore a new home for you! Soooo many peopele wanted to win you and bring you home with them. But since that is not possible, I had to chose one of the many comments by chance…” I explained somewhat cumbersome.

“Oh!” Mini doll Lotta looked at me with big eyes.
“The winner is named: Ingrid. And she’s certainly looking forward to seeing you. You will go on a lot of new adventures there… and you’ll finally see the world … and yes, uhm. So I am sure they are already waiting for you.”
Lotta looked at me expectantly. “…That’s why we have to hurry now and get you all ready for departure, so you can travel quickly and safely …” I  explained further while rummageing  for some small packages to send her off in.

Mini Puppe Lotta

But just like that Lotta had already found a little travel box for herself, she inspected it carefully …

Mini Puppe Lotta

… and then decided it was comfortable enough.
“Yes, little Lotta, I see – you can not wait to go to your new home too keep everyone busy there… uh, I mean …. being a good and sweet little girl and source of joy, of course.” Smiling to myself I shook my head and turned around to look for the packagin tape in the drawer.

Mini Puppe Lotta

But as I turned around, Lotta had already slipped into her little box.
And shortly after only a slight snoring could be heard from the inside …

Mini Puppe "Lotta"

Mini Doll Lotta

As promised here is the announcement, who has won mini doll “Lotta” from my last blogpost.
Chance has decided: Ingrid Kappenberger won. Congratulations on winning … and lots of joy with whirlwind “Lotta”.


And a big “thank you” to all who have participated!
Thank you for taking part and all your nice words and encouragement.
This certainly was not the last giveaway I’ll host on this blog. ;)

Minipuppe Lotta

PS: If you have not won, but would also like to take a mini doll home for yourself (or as a present to a loved one), feel free to take a look around in my shop
Perhaps you will find your own mini doll, who’ll then get a chance of a new home full of love and adventure?

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