News from the handmade doll scene

News from the “handmade dolls scene”

Handmade Puppen Szene News

Yes, the so-called handmade dolls scene evolved and there is no halt. Lately there were some news which I would like to briefly share with you here …:

  • Facebook is not only bad. No, seriously as annoying as the social media sometimes may be, it also can be a connection to positive paths. Therefore I am very pleased that Sandra of Junikate has recently launched a Facebook group for us professional doll makers. Some nice dollmaking colleagues have already joined the group and it is a nice cooperation and a productive exchange. I’m always an advocate of networking and collaboration – especially when you share a common passion for dolls…
  • Certainly by now everyone has heared this news already, not at least because Maria has already announced so in her blogKamrin of Kamrin’s Poppenatelier for the first time this year organized the European Waldorf Doll seminar on “Traditional and Modern Waldorf Inspired Doll Making” from 30 April to May 1 in the Netherlands.
    Originally I would also have participated and was asked to give a workshop on needle felting doll faces there, but unfortunately another “small project” interfered with this plans ;> and datewise collides somewhat with the event. This really is a shame because I’m sure it will be a wonderful and unforgettable event. I can only hope that Kamrin still saves a spot for me next year…;)
    Anyone wanting to participate, should get in touch with Kamrin asap to secure some tickets:
    European Waldorf Doll Seminar „Traditional and Modern Waldorf Inspired Dollmaking“

Got more news or events which I have not listed here yet?
Simply mail me and I will include them here or in one of the next entries…

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