Doll Cafe

Every now and then I travel to our beautiful capital for a few days, mainly to visit family there.
Therefore, we decided last year to stay longer and spend our family summer vacation 2018 in Berlin.


And of course being in the national doll making epicenter it was only logical to meet up with some fellow dollmaker colleagues …


Immediately I contacted Maria of Mariengold and proposed a meeting. Together, we decided to arrange a bigger meetup with other colleagues.
Maria already living in Berlin therefor quickly took charge orgnanizing the “Doll Cafe” meeting and we finally together invited them to the Cafe Fleury


Our own Dolls Cafe

My stay in Berlin correlated with the summer holidays, so unfortunately some of the invited doll makers would be away on holidays and not in the city for our scheduled date.

But despite the holidays and the summer heat, some others made it to our meeting: besides Maria of “Mariengold” and myself, the fellow dollmakers Julia of “Von Kowalke“, Jenny of “Pflanzenfärberin“, Kerstin from “Haistadtgören“, Evi of “das kleine Kra” and Heike from “Heikeleien” came by.

Puppen Cafe
(Dolls by “das kleine Kra“, “Mariengold” and “Pflanzenfärberin“)

So it happened that we sat in our own little dolls cafe so it seemed- spending this summer morning with enjoying a delicious breakfast, a lot of coffee and each others company while laughing and talking shop about dollmaking in general and being a dollmaker in particular.

Puppen Cafe
(Doll in the front by “Haistadtgören” and in the back “das kleine Kra“)

In addition, Kerstin, being a certified specialist in toy safety, was able to answer a few questions on the subject and I was had the oppertunity to demonstrate the wool roll-stuffing technique in short.

Puppen Cafe
(Doll by  Heikeleien)

Of course the dolls, that every maker had brought along, were also admired and examined extensively.
In a way probably only doll makers look at dolls – with that particular eye for certain details – they feel the firmness of the limbs, examine the seams, lift up skirts, feel the hair and  finally caress the doll eventually.

Puppen Cafe

But foremost it was just seven women sitting together on this summer morning at a little cafe, sharing the same passion for dollmaking and love for their hands craftwork …

Puppen Cafe

I love my work and like being able to do what I live exeryday, to work from home and being independent. However, unfortunately the social aspect and the creative exchange often gets a little too short in my everyday working life.
The more I enjoyed this meeting, it was enriching and inspiring.
I hope we sonn will be able to repeat this Doll Cafe meeting and like to send all my dear and incredibly talented colleagues the warmest greetings …

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