Of new challenges for RosaMinze

So the last year has quietly faded away, at least here on my RoseMint blog.

“Hello” to the new year!

It was a little quiet around here but in a good way, because I had my hands full with custom doll orders for christmas.
In January I will gradually introduce some of the dolls created at the end of last year here on the blog (at least the ones I managed to take photos of before I had to send then off) …

It was a good and busy year for RosaMinze, a lot happened behind the scenes … but especially towards the end, there were some prospects for the future.

Otherwise, I’m glad that the old year is over. It was rather mixed, characterized by many decisions and changes and new stages in life. For csomeone like me, who loves wandering known and secure paths concerning my privatelife and family matters, it has been a rather exhausting year overall.

RosaMinze Umbrella

But I am now all the more confident about the new year.
I know that it will be a very special and exciting year for RosaMinze …

The Outlook

Although there are still a few challenges to be mastered, but I love creative challenges.
I will also finally be able to share more on one or the other project this year, on which I have already brooded last year.

There should also be regularly dolls up for adoption in my RosaMinze shop.
But of course there will still be spots available for ordering your own custom doll.

And yes, there will finally be dollmaking workshops this year! When, how and where exactly, you will find out in time here on the blog.

In addition, more doll diys are coming your way.  Also I would like to share more of my doll knowledge, which I have acquired over many years now. Hopefully I can inspire to try new things and see and accept creative challenges as opportunities to grow.

RosaMinze Puppenatelier

Thank you!

At this point I would also like to say “thank you” for the last year:
to all those, who have accompanied and supported me up to this point.
Above all, my customers and doll parents for their loyalty, trust and patience.
And also to all my creative colleagues for their tips, support and friendship. :)

With momentum and motivation, RosaMinze is now entering another creative and hopefully enriching new year …

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