Of Busy Silence

Puppenwerkstatt Kukalka hinter den Kulissen

Whenever it is silent around here on the blog (or also on Instagram or Facebook), this usually means that behind the scenes is all the more going on …

KuKalKa Doll Studio

There is always something to do in a doll studio: like sewing dolls obviously.
But also: write and pay invoices, make an inventory list, contact suppliers, place orders,  documentation, launch projects, sort ideas,… and daily tasks and chores like cleaning up after a workday. Finally, I am trying to bring a reasonable structure into the daily, weekly, monthly processes. Design a work schedule and plan which can also be implemented in my daily routine. To find work life balance between working from home and being the mommy to a baby and a toddler.
Currently, I am sorting things out still doing all at the same time and trying to stay sane.

Puppenwerkstatt Kukalka hinter den Kulissen

Thinking. New dolls, new patterns, new shop, new website, new ways, new perspectives … Phew.

The Easter days are just fitting now.
A little break, vacation, peace, reflection, …. and then? Restart?
Let’s see what the mental retreat brings with it.

Puppenwerkstatt Kukalka hinter den Kulissen
In the meantime … as said before – if it is quiet here, it usually means behind the scenes it’s all the more busy, here in my little doll workshop.

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2 thoughts on “Of Busy Silence

  1. Liebe Nat,

    total spannend, dich auf deinem Arbeitsweg zu begleiten, die Puppen gefallen mir echt gut! :)
    Wie viel würden sie denn kosten?

    LG, Julia

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