Of Calmness

Natur Fotografie

Life is the best teacher.
My lesson was peace and priorities. I am still learning though, but it will get better eventually. Nowadays it is difficult  living in a stressful and hurried time to simply pause some times and just breathe. To become aware of what really matters in life and where you really want to go … and whether we maybe have arrived there already.


Learning to appreciate the little things in life again. Observing how calmly ideas stir like blossoming buds and new life paves the way.


Reclininly wait, endure, enjoy, learn patience and enjoy the moment consciously.

Natur Fotografie

Giving room to silence and serenity. Going detours gladly, letting other directions lead the way and  withstanding a change of plans.


Thoughts like floating clouds, letting the littlest quiet moments resound loudly in the heart.


Not hammer blows, but the dance of water completes the pebbles to its beauty.

Natur Fotografie

Enjoying the beauty of nature and deeply breathe in the clear, cold air. Realising quiescence as being something good being given the chance to be able to continue finding placidity.

Natur Fotografie

The grass does not grow faster if you pull it…

Peace and time to pave new ways and perspectives, new opportunities, ideas and forces for their implementation.

Natur Fotografie

We are doing well and are looking forward to the exciting period ahead – life changing and determining…. (Click!)
Therefore you may find a little more baby and children’s content to read about on this blog in the future soon. Besides more doll-, knitting- and DIY subjects as usual. ;)

…Meanwhile have a nice and hopefully clam week!

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