Of old new beginnings

Neubeginn rosaminze dolls

Some may hardly believe it, but this is actually a new Kukalka blog post of mine …

Sometimes we need to take a break,
so that our soul can catch up with us.

– Native American Wisdom

Of old new beginnings

Some may have already read about the reason for my long blog break on my Instagram.
But now the energy and space for a not so new beginning, a fresh start has finally come.

Also the reconstruction and setting up my small studio under the roof has taken a lot of time. Things still have to settle in and a lot needs to find its final place around here yet – including myself.

Although it has been rather quiet around here, I was not entirely idle. In addition to new knitting projects (I am knitting baby blankets in the chord) also new dolls have been in the making.However, all this is happening in a somewhat slower pace.
This also applies to the blog. Depending on the circumstances the blog will be up and runnning but possibly with smaller breaks here and there… so I probably will have to beg for your patience for some time further.

Meanwhile I like to thank all those who haveremained loyal here and on facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest… and especially to those who have stayed in touch with me via e-mail and still thought of me!
Thank you  – and hopefully to good old new beginnings and a happy new year for all of us…

Neubeginn rosaminze dolls

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