Of Magic


We are grateful to welcome this new life in our family.
Our son “Junis” was born on July the 30th at 1.26 am after a very short labor and therefore rather spontaneously right here at home.

The beginning of an enchanted and magical time…



Since he was born at home we now experience a very peaceful time at home as a new family together.


Having two kids is a new experience.
Everything is new and still well-known.
A great and exciting new time has started for us as a family of four now.


I am on my babymoon for at least the next month, so there probably will still be no big update on the blog for a while…


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3 thoughts on “Of Magic

  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch.

    Wünsche euch eine zauberhafte Anfangszeit und geniesse es so viel du kannst.
    Bei uns ist die Zauberzeit schon wieder am ausklingen, dabei ist 4,5 Monate doch eigentlich auch noch klein

    Liebe Grüsse Eva

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