Of Kings & Queens: instructions crochet Crown

Anleitung Häkel Krone

Through the eyes of a child everything surrounding them is magical. Kids believe in dreams and wonder, everything we rationally thinking adults (have to) deny.
Childs play is dominated by their own blooming imagination. A building block can simultaneously also be a car tool and a little kitten in the next moment. Kids do not necessarily need special toys for a rich imaginative play. More so the lesser the toy is preshaped the more freedom the child will have living out its own emotions, thoughts and imagination.
This does not mean, we can not offer something to enhance the children’s play from time to time. Even more if the offered item is handmade by us especially for their play.


Since I already was crocheting some “Schneckenbänder” for the little son, I therefore started making some crowns for him and the dolls also.
He was very proud wearing his little crown around the house, proclaiming “I am a great king!”… Of course he simply had to wear a matching golden cape also. Oh and an old branch was his scepter. And all the dolls had to wear their crowns, too. After all a great king needs to have a queen, a court and other royals around… ;)

Here are my instructions for the crocheted crown, in case you would like to make one yourself, too…:


Instructions: Crochet Crown

Häkel Krone Anleitung

This crocheted crown is created quickly. You can easily vary it in size – thus also suitable for dolls or adults heads.


You will need:

Anleitung Häkel Krone



Download the 9 page PDF Instructions here.

Anleitung Häkel Krone

Anleitung Häkel Krone


Anleitung Häkel Krone
You can download the 9-pages PDF Pattern
with lots of photos and step by step instructions HERE.


Have fun crocheting and wearing the crown(s)!…

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6 thoughts on “Of Kings & Queens: instructions crochet Crown

  1. Hallo, eine schöne Anleitung….danke ;)
    Schade, dass man die Bilder nicht kopieren kann, um die Anleitung später einmal nachzuarbeiten…vor allem, wenn man noch Anfänger ist.LG Frauke

  2. Liebe Frauke,
    Du hast natürlich Recht. Daher habe ich dem Artikel nun noch die Anleitung als PDF beigefügt – Einfach den Link am Ende anklicken!
    Danke für Dein Feedback und viel Spass damit! ;)

  3. Liebe NAT,
    Schöne Anleitung und das Ergebnis ist ganz zauberhaft !
    Werde ich heute gleich ausprobieren , mein neu geborenes Puppenkind
    freut sich schon : – )
    Schön das es deinen Blog gibt, ich freue mich schon immer auf den nächsten Beitrag.
    Also, dickes Lob, Daumen hoch und weiter so.
    Liebe Grüße Nikola

  4. keine pdf datei mehr zum nach machen :( und das war die einzige seite um eine krone nach anleitung nach zu machen :( woanders gibts keine kronen anleitungen *heul*

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