Of Cuddlydolls

As I mentioned recently, I sew a lot of larger dolls lately. And I love it.
But I also love the possibilities and variety that makes doll making.

And a special doll got stuck in my head for a while now and I’ve been itching to finally having the time to sew a smaller, simpler doll again.
A very simple one.
A cuddly one.
A small one.
One that can be carried along everywhere, maybe sitting in a little pocket …

Kuschelpüppchen Kukalka

That’s  when “Maluschka” came along…
She’d buzzed around my head some time now. And finally I had the time to let my hands make this dolly…

Kuschelpüppchen Kukalka
Maluschka is about 6 inch small and has tan skin made of Swiss cottontricot.
She also has a wonderfully cuddly, soft body made of yellow nicky fabric with orange dots. The doll is filled with fluffy soft sheeps wool.

She has very soft redish-brown hair made from mohair wool. Her the face is embroidered in the classic style of Waldorf; She has pastel green eyes and only a little smile. But she also has a small nose.
The Cheeks and nose are lightly colored with red bees wax chalk.

Kuschelpüppchen Kukalka

And even though Maluschka does not need clothes, she still insisted on even more cuddlyness.
So I had to knit her a little woolen scarf with a wooden flower as a button.

Kuschelpüppchen Kukalka
Maluschka loves kids and wants to tag along everywhere they fo. Her curved legs are perfect for small children’s hands to grab on. She also fits well into small pockets, from where she then likes to gimpse out curiously.
Even if it may not look like it, she’s often shenanigans afoot and always gets into trouble. ;>
But she also is a very good listener … and likes to offer comfort (because she is so cuddly).
Maluschka can not stand to be alone for too long, so she is waiting for someone to take her on adventures now and would love to become a childs little friend, soon.

Meanwhile she found a doll friend here in the doll studio – Mididoll Masha felt a strange bond and connection to cuddly doll Maluschka in an instant. ;)
So she will keep her company until I have finished sewing Maluschka’s some more little friends …

Kuschelpüppchen Kukalka

If you would like to adopt a doll like Maluschka, simply send me an e-mail
and pre-order one for 24, – €  now … or you could also wait until the other Maluschkas will appear in the shop or on the blog. ;)

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