Of Sisters – Doll Siblings


I like to make dolls according to the specifications and wishes of my customers.
These custom order dolls then emerge with an idea and a connection to the person for whom they are intended.
And sometimes I even get to make two dolls at once for siblings…


Last year, a grandmother wanted to give her two granddaughters a special gift and ordered two 45 cm dolls for two sisters.


So I had the special task at hand, to create two dolls for two sisters being same but different…

SchwesternDoll “Lili”, for the younger sister, has long blonde hair that was made into two macerons. Her skin is apricot-colored and she has blue eyes. She also has a bellybutton, bottom, ears and dimples on knees and elbows.

The older sister’s doll “Greta”  has long blond hair also, which is styled in a braid around the head.
She has apricot-colored skin and blue eyes as well as a belly button, ears, a bottom and dimples.

Same and yet different

Wunschpuppe Mädschen

Doll “Lili” wears a sleeveless reversible dress in pink with a cute print and white stars.
She also has a pink and white leggins and white boots on.
She also brings along a pink woolen jacket, a scarf and a tulle underskirt.

Handgemachte Puppen

Puppenmädchen WaldorfLili’s reversible dress has a pink-yellow flower pattern on a white background.


Wunschpuppe rosa blond

Doll “Greta” wears a long-sleeved dress in pink with golden dots.
She also has a hand-knitted pink scarf and white shoes with pink flower buttons on the side.
She is wearing white & pink striped panties with a bow underneath.

And of course, the clothes also fit the other doll, so they can share…


Greta and Lili were welcomed into the arms and hearts of the two sisters last christmas already.

danke puppenIn addition, I received a sweet thank you note with photos from the grandmother, who by now also equipped both dolls with wonderful clothes.

I just love getting feedback from the dolls new home once they traveld away…


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