Of Summer Jams

Music has a big impact for most of us. Some (life-)phases are more influenced by specific music than others.
To me also the lyrics arejust as important as the sound itself – in combination with the right music lyris can touch your heart, cheer you up, stimulate or even disturb, motivate and inspire, or simply invite you to dream a little…

Musik Puppe

The following sounds and lyrics are a small excerpt of music that accompanied my dollmaking through this years summer heat …:


Billie Eilish – Bellyache:

“My V is for Vendetta
Thought that I’d feel better
But now I got a bellyache”


Rachel Platten – Fight Song:

“I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion”


Topic & Ally Brooke- Perfect:

“There’s always gonna be somebody smarter
Someone prettier who works a little harder
Someone that who ain’t afraid to take it farther
And everytime I feel like I ain’t really worth it
Then you say I’m perfect”


Brandyn Burnette – Run:

“I was raised by my computer
And that television
Now they say I have no future”


Maroon 5 – Girls Like You ft. Cardi B:

” ‘Cause girls like you
Run around with guys like me
‘Til sundown, when I come through
I need a girl like you, yeah yeah”


Charlie Puth – The Way I Am:

“Everybodys tryn to be famous, I’m just tryna find some place to hide…”


Kodaline – Follow Your Fire:

“We had the songs that we sang along to

You had the moves to make me dance with you
I always saw you reaching and catching stars”

“Did you follow your, follow your fire?”

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