Of custom order dolls and their demands

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After a prolonged baby pause, I find myself slowly getting back to business and everyday life. Now  having done a thorough spring cleaning at the doll studio, all shines like new again.
And I finally can let my restless hands get back to work and let them execute whatever my always spinning creative crazy mind comes up with.


Wunschpuppe Kukalka.de
Alas there is only little space for dolls in my order book, because I have a few other projects or I first have to start or end. Nevertheless, I would like to take the proper time for every doll I make. Therefore until summer, I can offer only few custom order spots.
Soon, however there will be a current price list and more information about ordering dolls up again as well as new ready to adopt dolls in the shop.


Until then here are a few impressions from a custom order doll, who went to her new home last week already:


I do not know what it is with these red haired dolls….
but they have a hold on my little heart.


Especially when they have freckles, too …

…And such an occupying personality.
Uhm, yeah, …why don’t you go ahead and read for yourself:

Wunschpuppe Kukalka.de

It seems like this one has a very peculiar (but all the more charming) little personality.
Although, with her 17 inch she of course is “a big girl” already. ;)

Wunschpuppe Kukalka.de

As soon as she saw the light of the world in my little doll studio, it began…
Of course, she did not want to remain naked. So she quickly demanded some undies: “But with a bow and it hast to be green!”
Yes of course.  I would not want her to catch a cold.

Wunschpuppen Kukalka
Then we had agreed on an airy summer wardrobe, a light little dress… but quickly she added: “But I want lace, too… and also I need socks and nice shoes!?”
Of course, she did. So shoes and socks it is.



“Good. But now there’s still something missing… something… yellow!”
Hm? What?
Excuse me? Something yellow?
Oh well, for the sake of it – her desire is my command:

Wunschpuppen Kukalka


“But I also need some jewelery …and a clip for my hair!”
Of course. A little lady needs appropriate accessories.

At this point I was all like “Well, that went well.”
But I noticed quickly, I spoke too soon…


… Shortly before her departure, she was suddenly insisting on boots:
“After all, it’s still chilly… it’s not summer, yet!”
She’s right, of course. So I sigh and go back to the sewing machine.

Wunschpuppen Kukalka
“But I need a nice dress matching the new boots now, too!”
Oh… ok – she’s right. The boots do not match the first dress at all. ;)
And how can you resist this eyelashes batting gingerhead anyway?! No, at least I can not.
So again, her wish is my command:

Wunschpuppe Kukalka.de


“But now I still do need something warm to travel in. What if my mama decides to take me out on an adventure on a chilly summers evening …”
Yes, of course – she did. Who wants to argue with that?
So I quickly browsed the wool stash and then swung the knitting needles. Her wish was my command:

Wunschpuppe Kukalka.de


“Yes, now it’s all good… now I can leave, sure enough my dollmama is already waiting for me!”
And then, leaning back, she was finally satisfied.


Phew. No one has said being a doll maker will be easy.
But after having had a big say in nearly everything, she could not be sweeter now… Dolls, right?!;)

So finally she was ready to go on her journey to a new loving home. Ahead a whole dolls life – hopefully full of hugs, kisses and exciting new adventures…

Wunschpuppe Kukalka.de

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