Of Scribbles – learning to draw as a dollmaker

I like to draw.
As I have already described in this older blog post, it is also important for my work as a dollmaker.
I also draw for relaxation, for fun … but also to design and visualize dolls (models).
Actually, I should draw every day. Because only in what is done repeatedly, one can slowly and steadily become better doing.
Unfortunately hectic everyday life keeps me from doing so regularly.

Zeichnen lernen

Learning to draw

That’s why I came to a decision while having my annual “day of retreat”. (Btw: This is a day I regularly assign to mid year, to take some time thinking about where I stand and where I want to go, whether I have met my own requirements from the beginning of the year, or will I have to reorient myself.)

This was when I remembered the promise I gave myself at the beginning of the year, trying to draw more often. In addition, I finally wanted to learn how to draw in a more structured method. So with more “technique”.

Zeichnen lernen

I finally got a decent sketchbook along with some better drawing pencils and pens. These do not have to be expensive and also not have to be from the artist’s shop, but they should be of good quality, so they’ll be fun to draw with.

Then I blocked a certain time for every day assigning the time only for making sketches and working on drawing studies.

Zeichnen lernen

Usually one concentrates on a certain (body) part. I wanted to learn a naturalistic drawing technique. So I began with study sketches made after observing  nature and drawing after photos. Looking closely and then tracing is essential.

However reading one book or another on the topic you want to learn more about is always mandatory. And also the Internet is a pretty good resource for finding how-to’s and instructions for drawing. This way I came across the talented artist Mark Crilley. His style and art appealed to me. Probably also because my own drawing style is very influenced by comics (especially the works of Wendy Pini) and manga.

Zeichnen lernen

In addition to his books, Marc has his own You Tube channel with countless drawing tutorials available. I like to follow along drawing with his videos. He explains well while being pretty entertaining.
There are many other artists on the video platform sharing their knowledge, too. Not only about drawing, but also for photography and crafts. You’ll basically find everything there.  Also I find it fascinating to see the video time lapse its way from the beginning to the end of the artwork. Because finishing a drawing often takes hours.

Zeichnen lernen

If you want to draw in a realistic way, you’ll also have to pay attention to details, proportions and the ratio of light and shadow, the right shading.
I still have a long way ahead of me. A lot to learn still. Along with being more patient with myself. Usually, in my everyday life, other tasks are urging me to leave a picture unfinished. However, even this little time spent learning and drawing is better than none at all.

But I also took time to work on sketches for my work as a dollmaker.
For example I practiced drawing studies of face – the characteristics of a child’s face compared to that of a teenager. What is the difference between the physiognomy and the proportions there?
The result can be transferred well to the work on the dolls. Especially when later working on the head with the needle felt technique.

Zeichnen lernen

Of course it’s still difficult to find the time on a daily basis working on my drawing skills. But I do make an effort and take little of what progress I’ll make.

And that way, I’ll be taking inspiration from everyday life, drawing after other pictures and photos for exercise and trying to challenge myself every time. Getting out of my drawing comfort zone a little further every time I’ll pick up the pen. Hoping to get better in what I’ll love doing and helping me channel my creativity more…

Zeichnen lernen

PS: You’ll see more of my scribbles over on my Instagram account

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